R´N´R ENGINE (split album with GURKHA)


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Jason Amazing deal with all the bonus tracks. Bad ass all around as I have come to expect from this massively underrated band. Favorite track: Saddam Hussein is rock´n´roll.


Split album with GURKHA (UK). Album was released on CD and LP by Insanesociety records. Recoreded and mixed at Sopa studio (Lipov, Czech republic).

Album was released on CD and vinyl.

OFFICIAL MUSICVIDEO from the album: youtu.be/183FUZxiv5s


released September 1, 2006

WWW: www.malignanttumour.com
FCB: www.facebook.com/malignanttumour
DIRECT (CD/LP, merch): www.metal-shop.eu/b/malignant-tumour/



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MALIGNANT TUMOUR Ostrava, Czech Republic

Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR start in fall of 1991 in town Ostrava, Czech republic, not long after iron curtain was tear down. Together with few other bands MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first band who show extreme music in their country. MALIGNANT TUMOUR released fifth full lenght albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world. ... more

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Track Name: Monster madness
Burning 66 road, evil deadly wheels
faster than a bullet, bolts of hellish steel
Flashing lights throught the night
sound as bombshell shake the ground
Riding metal monster, temperature high
raging monster madness, no one can survive
Flashing lights throught the night
sound as bombshell shake the ground
Truckmaster rocks the road, about to explode
with his need for speed, hellish flames he feel
Track Name: Hellgate Ostrava
Carbon city, town of steel
Black birds screaming, dirt you feel
Hear me honey give me suck
Hellgate Ostrava waiting for your buck
Hellgate Ostrava...we live in
Hellgate Ostrava...we lovin'
Fear you feel of this town
Ravens raging, dead by dawn
Here's no master, reign of fist
Opening hellgate, devils start to feast
Hellgate Ostrava...we live in
Hellgate Ostrava...we lovin'
Hellgate Ostrava...devil eye
Hellgate Ostrava...blue and white
Track Name: The biggest band
I tell you story about and who's right
They have a glory and girls on their side
Only four words fits to them
Malignant Tumour, The Biggest band
Free sex and drinking everywhere they went
No fucking thinking, playing this rock'n roll game
Only four words fits to them
Malignant Tumour, The Biggest band
The Biggest band is what we are
The Biggest band which piss you off
The Biggest band
The Biggest band
The Biggest band is what we are....
Iron warriors and big steel boys
Their swords are guitars, skulls and the bones
Track Name: Jack in head
Imagine the pub where you used to going
with no drinks and smoke but just computering
you sit in front of screen and connecting yourself
then choosing the program in second you're drunk as hell
Jack in head, Jack in head
Luckily it's just drem and no fucking reality
we can drink and smoke and do what we just feeling
I sing about future and not about only bar
Jack in your head is mark of future we don´t are
Track Name: Saddam Hussein is rock´n´roll
addam hussein is rock 'n roll
Saddam hussein is rock 'n roll
Saddam hussein and al kaida
and all his friends we know
Fidel Castro, Lukasenko
Milosevic and crazy Iljic
Saddam hussein is rock 'n roll
Saddam hussein is rock 'n roll
Saddam hussein and al kaida
and all his friends we know
Bush and Bin Laden, and Josif Stalin
Husak and Faris, Sparta and Paris
Track Name: Gurkha
Up from the trenches,
knife in hand,
Charge to machine gun,
blood in mind,
Better to die
than live in coward
Track Name: Shadow of mankind (bonus track on CD version)
Since you born, your life is already linked
Think that life is fucking nice
Then you´re older and now you realized
That everything is lie
Everything is lie
Shadow of Mankind
Like a tree or bird, you wanna be free
And people ask you why?
Just a shadow around, is what I can see
Old man, fuck you, piss of, die
Now you gonna die
Shadow of Mankind
Track Name: Hammer and anvil (bonus track on CD version)
As man fights man
and total extinction of existence is comming now
Controlled by screen
and illusions you still can not realized
You stay alone - with visions of doom
So take the hammer - and slam down with it
To this servant of greed
You stay alone - feel slave machinery
And realize that your anvil, is a TV screen
Channnels orgasm
and another empty day in lives so dark and grey
Looser consuments
without this TV reich things wont be the same
Still stand alone - Brainwashing erased all
And gearwheels of enslavement keep the people crawl
You left alone - Hammer in your hands
and anvil is already crushed and still nothing changed
Track Name: Behind the mirror (bonus track on CD version)
Government promises and tells sweet words
"More great jobs and money for the poor"
But defense of the state is all I can see
Government is lying, lying to you and me
Welcome in the land of trash of this world
Welcome to hell, behind the mirror
Homeless people left to rot
Medical care for those who have bucks
Criminalisation of people who haven´t adapted
These are some examples of life in hell
Track Name: Low life (bonus track on CD version)
You dirty fucking scumbag
Is what your parents say
You living stupid low life
It´s our house, get away
I am getting more tired
I am getting sick of it
I don´t need stupid people
And their life, full of greed
Let me fucking die, in my low life
Track Name: Commands from the oval throne (bonus track on CD version)
Take your command
Fight for your land
Find to yourself enemy
Don´t you understand
We bomb another land
To fuel up our economy
Pull the trigger - drop the bomb
Woman and children - dead and gone
Track Name: Brigade of whores (bonus track on CD version)
Meet her somewhere at the cheap bar
1coz I have a money, drunk like bar star
This strory seems so very known
Man like toy to play for fucking whore
Brigade of whores
Love is fucking gone
Everyvhere I hear, man fucks woman
Feminist Bullshit, bringing me pain
Female poisons, still hurting me
Brigade of whores, girls I only fucking see
Brigade of whores
Love is fucking gone