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Jason Every. Single. Track. Kills. Hardest thing about this album was deciding which track was my favourite. Favorite track: Death from above.


Recorded in 2010 in the German STAGE ONE study. The recording produced by Andy Classen. In 2010, transformed the plate Grammy nomination in the Czech Republic and for category Hard & Heavy Angel Award went to Ostrava. Professional journalistic inquiry Britva fit so EARTHSHAKER the second best album of 2010.

Album was released on CD and vinyl.





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MALIGNANT TUMOUR Ostrava, Czech Republic

Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR start in fall of 1991 in town Ostrava, Czech republic, not long after iron curtain was tear down. Together with few other bands MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first band who show extreme music in their country. MALIGNANT TUMOUR released fifth full lenght albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world. ... more

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Track Name: Superhuman comeback
I am back here with my ancient one´s
You missed them for last twenty years
I am gonna sell you the same old shit
What makes your pocket fucking free

I´ve missed the scene and all my fans
That´s what I am talking to the press
After a little war for nonsense
I am accepted with my new - old dress

Overcowded by all my agents
Who makes a money for my needs
I wouldn´t let myself be stopped
´cause I know you´re pay for to see me

I am letting out my record company
Doing this fucking filthy attack
I need you to pray for my succes
´cause I am here to comeback

Superhuman Comeback - Ministry of fools
Superhuman Comeback - Music bussines tools

Let the music do the talking, alright?

Revive again my superband
No longer in the underground
´cause we did nothing for the ages
Now we have fame and certain fun

One day you´ll be kick out again
And it isn´t that far away
Your band will haven´t name in press
You´ll have tomb without the name.
Track Name: Earthshaker
Mine, mine, mine, worker number one
Dusty black eyes hard muscles line
So piece by piece cut away the ground
Earth is shaking under the jackhammer sound
Nothing to feel, nothing to see
Slave of the darkness he used to be
Hammering coal and breathing gas
He come up from gutter to destroy us

Earthshaker - has iron fists
Earthshaker - gives you shakebite kiss
Earthshaker - jackhammer sound
Earthshaker - controls the underground

Sound, sound, sound, heavy rocking blast
Denim and leather with rusty spikes
Hear the drum, shake the ground
Earth is shaking under the metal sound
Everything well, everything right
Charge battery, max. overdrive
Play rock´n´roll all night long
You are the one who shake the ground

Earthshaker - blow up the fuse
Earthshaker - distorted old school muse
Earthshaker - crank the amp on ten
Earthshaker - world collide with you, "the MAN"
Track Name: Decibel maniacs
Thunderstorm of the decibels
Whirlwind of the snare
Detonating tones of fire
No escape from sound out there

We like a decibels, that´s for sure
From lights and smoke we are killing you
Tones of fire nailed you to the ground
Decibel maniacs, we come to your town

Mountains of the Marshall boxes
No way to play fucking unplugged
Earthshake by earblasting volume
Deaf by millions of watts
Track Name: Death from above
Roaring flight of metal angels
Piercing clouds and sky
Thunder cracks, Mephisto's lightning
Time for us to die

Fire, Terror, Mayhem, Death from above

Wings of death have cast a shadow
The world is struck with fright
Bombs to raise the end infernal
Apocalypse tonight
Track Name: Metal artillery
Hordes of metalheads, this is their day
They sounds like artillery when they crossing the way
Subculre of aliens waving flags of hate
Go to the gig where metal bands play

Metal Artillery - Get out of their way
Metal Artillery - For them metal bands play
Metal Artillery - We are the one´s of you
Metal Artillery - We salute you!!!

They pay at the entrance, then buy some bands merch
Having few drinks and waiting for some trash
Drums like a cannons and guitars like hell
Headbangers raising their fists in the air
Track Name: Speed romancy
See her on the bar desk
Preety and alone
Have a drink on me baby
and swich off your phone

Speed romancy, sex in night
almost touching paradise
Her body drive me wild
And that´s the way I like

Cigarette and shot of whisky
is what she left behind
On card written"see you again"
That´s what make my wicked smile.
Track Name: Wheels and gear
Asphalt is movin' under my ass
I got my guitar my, my battleaxe
Going to places where the sun never shines
Always on the move, following the white line

I live my life between wheels and gear
Never going home, so don´t shed a tear

First gear, jet speed, second gear
My mouth is dry, I need another beer
third gear, oil feed, fourth gear
Where is the fucking place, are we near?
Track Name: Eternaly alone
I am the outcast
outsider from day one
In the eyes of grow ups
kid who scared the town

Your music is like a crap
everyone told me
and I melted my strings down
and don´t give a shit, what they say

Living my music life eternaly alone
only with rock´n´roll in heart
Even if I am alone, there´s no fucking sorrow
playing on the guitar, 10 points in the darts

I built the band
with thousands of line-ups
But I never gave it up
that´s why I am still here

I am still here and where are those with the "crap"
I bet they live like grow ups
Fuck everything up
Track Name: Motörcrust
Flashing lights and total madness, everywhere is stage fog
Ripping strings, breaking sticks and voice like barking dog
Booze and sex, smoke and dope, total rock´n roll
and we see sir Kilmister, moshing in first row

We comes out of hellish flames
what we do, we penetrate
all the virgins at this place
will fall in exctasy.
Total succes, hand in hand
Road is for us promise land
And those who can not understand
we show our vanity

Living fast, never die, we keep the banner high
Engine on, beating storm, never ask me why
Scars and torn, beers and whore total livers blast
World is shit but we will hit by fucking Motorcrust
Track Name: Satan rise
The new born baby on the day of the beast, hell is open it´s gates.
Young kid with mad eyes, powerfull look, his touch is like feeling blade
Teenager satan, his first metal gig, discovering his life
Grabing the guitar and making first riffs, world prepare for satan rise - oh!

Satan rise

Playing on big stage with his three devil friends, hear the thunderstorm
Storm of the rock´n´roll gets all womans here, satan get´s his form
Even you are lost when you´re hearing this, let the beat inside
Your body can take only too much, when you feel that satan rise - oh!

Satan rise More rock´n´roll music and heaven will burn!!!

Gods try to escape, now it´s devil turn
Night over the world and who is to blame
Track Name: Top of the scum
I am mister Bilos and we are MT
What´s wrong with you, saying we play shit
Give me few seconds and say me few words
How to play and sing good, be on top of the pop´s

Butcher my meat by chainsaw
Bodily destruction, No mercy
Horrid dismemberment, Self mutilation
Open the graves, Exhume rotten body

Thank you for help (me), I´ll fulfil your words (now)
We are the one (family), Top of the pop´s (whow)

You play gore-grind, we play rock´n´roll
We do what we like and it is our call
So display yourself and sing me some more
Show me your guttural malignant tumour

Butcher my meat by chainsaw
Bodily destruction, No mercy
Horrid dismemberment, Self mutilation
Open the graves, Exhume rotten body

We are all same (yes), Both trying hard (to much)
Musical waste (from east), Top of the Scum, Top of the Scum